Asylum Seekers And Refugees Should Not Be Allowed Into Australia Without A Visa

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Over the last few years there have been major changes in the polices against immigrant that have sparked chaos all over the world. Same people believe that asylum seekers and refugees should be welcomed into Australia with or without a visa, I think different. I think asylum seekers that come to Australia without a visa expecting asylum, should be taken back to where they came from. At the moment hundreds of people are kept in detention centres because they don’t belong in our community. This is ok, but the government still pays a lot of money to run the centres. Asylum seekers and refugees should not be allowed into Australia without a visa.

My first point is about the Australian government and how they spend more money on giving refugees a place to live, than they do looking after Australians that are in need. In the last 2 years they have spent 1.2 billion dollars on offshore detention centres, Manus Island, Naura and Christmas Island. This money was spent on operating the centre, health care, welfare services, food supplies and the security around the facilities. The government is quick to spend all this money on asylum seekers, when there are tens of thousands of homeless, less fortunate and under-privileged people scattered all over Australia. These people struggle to pay bills, rent, get food on the table and even a roof to sleep under. Asylum seekers flee there county with very little, they arrive with clothes and few small items accompanying them, they expect the

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