At A Young Age I Was Different. I Dont Know Why But People

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At a young age i was different. I dont know why but people start to take distances from me farther and farther.. Maybe because Im ugly? Maybe because i just dont really fit in. I always try to make friends with people my age at school but for some reason they just go and distance themselves from me. I saw a group of girls and tried to approach them and said: Hi my name is Alex could we be friends?! They just walked away and glared at me. The people passing by and the group of girls murmured : "ugly bitch why are you talking to us" "What 's up with that weirdo" "Poor girl " " they dont have to be that rude to her" "disgusting" "Just leave this school weirdo" "Trash" "just disappear" I Ran away .. I ran and ran and ran as fast as…show more content…
Even if she left me I still love her very much. One day while I was cleaning my room i found a weird blue box on top of my table it has weird patterns on it and on top was a note it says : Dear Alex, I have many things to tell you but all I can say is Happy 18th Birthday i love you so much I hope you like your gift it 's very special like you Take care of it. -M P.S. It 's more than what it meets the eye. I really dont know what this is all about but when i opened the box.. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Shit! A white colored mouse was inside it climb its way up and looked at me . I nearly got a heart attack because it jumped at me. I fell butt first. This mouse is really weird it has a weird spark of intelligence in it 's eyes like it 's like it can understand me and its eyes are piercing me like it can look into my very soul and kill me in my sleep and eat me... Just joking Its cute tho. It went near me slowly and rubbed it 's head on my neck. It really is a peculiar fellow. I really dont know it 's gender tho maybe i should check it later. Maybe it 's a girl hmmmmm.., O,o Oh fck! It 's a boy and it scratched my cheek (#T0T). So painful The rat glared at me hatefully and made funny noises. I only laughed it off atleast Im not alone anymore Hi! Little one my name is Jen, Jen Christoph Lets be friends! I felt like crying now memories kept flashing at me people whom i wanted to be friends with are getting farther away and i
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