"At Fault" Character Review Essay

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A Woman Ahead of Her Time “The Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave”; these are the words that since 1814 have been used to describe the spirit of the country that we call America. For many, this country symbolizes a history of just that; bravery and freedom. But what does it mean to be an American? Does it simply mean that a person is born in to the country, or does it mean that they empower the character traits used to describe the country itself? When describing America and what it is to be or behave as an American, there are many traits that are often used such as brave, hardworking, strong, having the ability to overcome obstacles, a belief in equality and freedom for all, being a groundbreaker, and having a strong, direct…show more content…
“Therese had not reached the age of thirty-five without learning that life presents many insurmountable obstacles which must be accepted, whether with the callousness of philosophy, the revolt of weakness or the dignity of self-respect.” (Chopin) Although the death of her husband was very hard on her, and at times she found herself wishing that she had died alongside him, she was forced to stand up, be strong, and assume the role that her late husband had played. She did not ask anyone for help, instead she did what was called upon her. She was strong and she refused to break under the extremely large emotional burden and responsibility that had been placed upon her. Having independence and pride in oneself and the things that they believe in are traditionally American traits that Therese also has within herself. “Therese possessed an independence of thought exceptional enough when considered in relation to her life and its surrounding conditions.” (Chopin) As a woman who had taken on many challenges and responsibilities, she carried herself with pride and did not allow the death of her husband or the burden that had come of it distract her from who she was and what she had to do. Therese was an independent woman who had no qualms about speaking her mind. She had pride in what she believed in and didn’t let others come in the way of that. Eventually, David Hosmer, one of the workers on the plantation,

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