At First Reading Mary Shelley’S Novel Frankenstein Appears

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At first reading Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein appears to be part of the gothic or horror genre, but further examination of this novel reveals many concepts and perspectives that are related to other genres of English literature. Along with possessing various conceptual ideas this novel brilliantly highlights the characteristics of men, which many authors have credited Mary Shelley’s understanding of the opposite gender as exceptional. Throughout this novel there can be identified three male characters that are used to tell the tale by Mary Shelley. These three characters are Captain Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein and the monster. However, these characters portray different perspectives, but they all have various similarities and…show more content…
Victor Frankenstein’s story and death completely changed the perspective of Robert Walton and instead of carrying on his expedition of discovery, he turned back to travel home. “It is past; I am returning to England. I have lost my hopes of utility and glory; I have lost my friend” (Shelley, 160). Victor Frankenstein was in the eyes of Walton a person who is similar to him, but uplifted Walton’s weary heart as he faced challenges along the expedition. “He excites at once my admiration and my pity to an astonishing degree” (Shelley, 11). Along with the thirst of discovery of the unknown, Victor Frankenstein is also involved in an act of romance towards Elizabeth Lavenza, who he loved dearly “my more than sister, since till death she was to be mine only” (Shelley, 18). Victor was raised in a loving household and was privileged to receive higher education at the university of Ingolstadt. Further analysis of his character show evidence that Frankenstein is egotistical, for he isolates himself from his family and society to create the monster that later he despises (Marklund,6). Thus, ignoring his duties towards his family as his father said to him, “I know that while you are pleased with yourself, you will think of us with affection, and we shall hear regularly from you. You must pardon me if I regard any interruption in your correspondence as a proof that your other duties are
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