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Here at Knapp Sack Inc. we pride ourselves on our inclusion here within the company and through the local community, but there are still barriers present that can be a hindrance towards open and effective communication. These barriers can be seen in a literal sense with the layout of the organization with many closed off offices, walls, and rooms. Although these are necessary for the company, they can also be a deterrent towards open communication. By closing off employees we are not encouraging open communication. By making simple changes towards the company environment and encouraging our employees to open the doors, move about, and engage we can foster a positive work environment that encourages open communication. Another potential barrier towards open communication within Knapp Sack Inc. that is often overlooked is personal emotional barriers. Some employees and people in general are reserved, shy, and/or lacking in confidence. Although these are considered personal issues, when we as a company push people to contribute in a certain fashion it can have the opposite reaction for these certain individuals. Not everyone within the company is going to be able to share their ideas, voice their concerns, or contribute the way we would like. But these individuals are still great assets and their contributions must be heard. To encourage open communication in this manner we must make sure that Knapp Sack Inc. is a safe environment. That everyone 's opinions are important and

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