At-Risk Latino Students: A Case Study

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In response to studies that suggest that college and career preparation are beneficial for at-risk Latino students, how does GEAR UP integrate this research within their agency? As stated before, GEAR UP’s initiative is to provide information regarding higher education to students and their families. The agency focuses on aiding low-income students who are prepared to prosper in a postsecondary education. First and foremost, how is GEAR UP addressing the growing Hispanic/Latino population? In 2014, the Hispanic/Latino outreach unit was written into the GEAR UP grant and stated that it would provide funding for seven years (2014-2021). Noted in the research for the GEAR UP grant, the growing number of Latinos students represented the largest…show more content…
In the internship, it is observed that families who support their child in the academic process tend to have successful outcomes in their educational pathways. Parents engage in the conversation of their role as a supporter and how they themselves can inspire their child to continue a post-secondary education. Along with this, numerous students have expressed their aspiration towards higher education due to their parents’ support. Many of the Hispanic/Latino youth in GEAR UP have stated the struggles and sacrifices made by their families in migrating to the United States. It serves as a motivator for students to achieve their goals, so they can one day give their parents a better future as well. This implies that students are less likely to commit delinquent behavior if they have an ambition to strive for a better…show more content…
Hispanic/Latino are often overlooked and silenced due to language barriers between the instructors and students (Rubin, 2014). In order to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, students and their families should have the opportunity to understand classroom and college access material. GEAR UP provides translation services for Hispanic/Latino families and translate documents such as handouts and letters given in schools. The agency also translates for school events and provides services for parent-teacher conferences and parent
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