At Sea - Poem Analysis

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At Sea - Simon Armitage
The Title to this poem 'At Sea ' is a neutral title and doesn 't give away a lot of the meaning to the poem. It doesn 't necessarily commit to anything specific; it 's just a statement. This is just like the poem. Armitage hasn 't completely stated what the poem is about, there is nothing to say that it is definitely describing someone/something 'At Sea '. However, there are small links that suggest the 'Sea ' is being used metaphorically. I think that the summary of this poem is the story of a family. 'It is not through weeping, but all evening the pale blue eye on your most photogenic side has kept it 's own unfathomable tide. ' This could represent the child, where child isn 't necessarily crying but they
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'Because their feathers are the colours of oil on water in sunlight they are a sign of something ' The oil on the water separates the suns visible spectrum allowing us to see all of the colours. She is becoming so depressed that she longs for something to look forward to, something that will make her think life is worth living. 'Beyond us, irritations heal into arguments ' The little things that individuals hold within them should always be shared,
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