At Some Point In Our Day Regardless Of Social Standing

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At some point in our day regardless of social standing you are using or interacting with something that was produced from a fossil fuel source, so the first main concept is fossil fuels cause as Americans we are particularly well at using this up with the carbon foot print we create. This then leads is to look at what Americans actually value, and is God still the most valuable concept or is our economy so money driven that we don’t even care anymore. Then from there, is there a way to potentially change the mindset, and our consumptive behaviors and if so what and how? Pretty much since the time of the industrial revolution, Americans and other nations (once industrialized) have been using fossil fuels, to help drive the economy, guess…show more content…
This is obtained typically by knocking down forests to build houses, or create farm land. (the over use of GMOs will not be talked about in this paper) The way in which we obtain these resources like fossil fuels are destructive to say the least, in most cases. The most common and often heard of method is deep sea drilling and oil fracking. This method of crude oil retrieval has a high rate of pollution, Huffman’s article (@@@) shows the ways in which hydrofracting can contaminate just about everything, from air water and even soil. The method of obtaining the oil in a brief description involves drilling large and deep holes into the ground, multiple chemicals are then pushed into the holes which break apart the bedrock and release the fossil fuel. The contaminants come from the chemicals, which are not able to be extracted out of the soil and they often infiltrate the underground water supplies that lay near. This has been on the news numerous times and VICE actual has a documentary about this. The water supply that is contaminated is often used by small suburban communities / farm lands and other low populated cities. But the effect is that it makes their water so contaminated that they can literally set it on fire, as it has so much ethanol and oil in it. This contamination level of contamination is so destructive that it makes living in these areas almost impossible. Our drive for
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