At&T Business Strategy

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AT&T Executive Summary

AT&T provides telecommunication services to consumers, businesses and other entities. More specifically AT&T is classified as a diversified telecommunication services. AT&T has been around since 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. ( Headquartered in Dallas, TX, AT&T is the largest landline and wireless service providers in America. They also provide Uverse, which is ultra-high speed internet and interactive high definition cable TV service. AT&T also provides wireless phone and data service, primarily to American customers, in over 200 countries. ( The US wireless market constitutes
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AT&T Wireless has successfully executed it strategy growing its Operating revenue by 14%. Through the integration and cleanup of legacy AT&T wireless and Cingular Wireless, churn has been reduced to 1.7%. This is a direct indication of improved value and service to its customers. Contrary to Sprint-Nextel the merger of networks was the best solutions due to the similarities in the GSM technology.
The strategy to enter into a two year exclusive deal with APPLE to market and sell the iPhone has proven successful. Even with the EDGE network the satisfaction of the iPhone has differentiated AT&T from its competitors. The stakes here have been raised and AT&T will look to see even more competition from Verizon, Sprint-Nextel and T-mobile.

The Master Strategy for AT&T wireless is to be the only telecom provider their customer would ever need by connecting its customers anywhere – anyway.
COST- AT&T is adequate in this regard. It is positioned to offer competitive pricing to the numerous services it offers. Rollover Minutes, Family Unity Plan
DIFFERENTIATION- AT&T’s exclusive agreement to market and sell the iPhone with Apple Corporation has differentiated itself from its competitors. Utilization of its vast spectrum to offer video conferencing service (video share).
NICHE- AT&T has not engaged in niche market.

AT&T is

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