At & T With Documentary And Videos Featuring Real Life Stories Of People Who Have Lost Loved Ones

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AT&T encourages drivers of any age to sign the campaign’s pledge and commit themselves to ending the texting and driving habit once and for all. After a driver signs the pledge on the “It Can Wait” website, they are prompted to share it with friends on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. By sharing the campaign with others, the campaign has created a community of people who are committed to driving safely not only for themselves but for the sake of everyone around them (AT&T - It Can Wait). By prompting those who sign the pledge to share with their friends on social media, the campaign launches itself towards achieving its second goal in creating awareness of the problem. AT&T partnered with filmmaker Werner Herzdog to develop a documentary and videos featuring real life stories of people who have lost loved ones or even had their own lives change dramatically due to texting and driving (AT&T - It Can Wait). One particular video called “Close To Home” really emphasizes the impact that texting and driving can have on not only the individuals involved but society as a whole. Although the video was only four minutes long, it took the time at the beginning to allow the viewer to understand the characters and their roles in society. They used people of a variety of demographics so that the video would hit close to home with everyone.
The beginning of the video was slow - it showed people doing mundane everyday activities. The video almost seemed relaxed because it…
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