At The Same Time, Harry Potter Challenges Authorities At

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At the same time, Harry Potter challenges authorities at Hogwarts and with the Dursleys against his control because he does not understand the community and himself. The Dursleys shelter Harry from the outside world, other than his cupboard under the stairs, which causes him to have little knowledge about himself. He challenges his position when he receives a letter regarding his acceptance to Hogwarts. The letter proves to Harry how he is unlike the Dursleys because Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia try hard to destroy it. They ultimately do not want Harry to find out the truth of his identity. For that reason, Harry challenges Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia when he pushes for answers of his past, especially the scar on his forehead. “In the…show more content…
Although Anne and Harry challenge authority, they challenge their behaviour against their power and status in the community. Both Anne and Harry share the ideals as orphan children; however, Anne Shirley is merely an ordinary girl, in contrast to Harry Potter who is an extraordinary boy. However, both children respond to their behaviour differently in order to adapt to their community. At Green Gables, Anne works hard to fit-in, except her lack of control affects her ability to conform since she does not think about her behaviour. Therefore, she challenges the community because she does not pay attention. She easily messes up and causes problems for herself; as a result, Anne challenges authority against her inability to conform, where Marilla says, “Anne, you certainly have a genius for getting into trouble” (Montgomery 151). Christopher Parkes argues how Anne has no trouble challenging her power to draw attention to herself when she uses her imagination (168). Thus, Anne challenges her power to find innovative ways to reinvent herself and conform to the community. For that reason, Anne continues to create trouble when she has a tea party with Diana. Anne’s lack of focus cause Diana to become drunk when Anne gives her red wine instead of raspberry cordial. “I never though raspberry cordial would set people drunk” (Montgomery 151), Anne explains to Marilla, in regard to her mistake because
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