“At The Siren, All Crime, Including Murder, Will Be Legal

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“At the siren, all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 hours.” This quote is directly tied to every Purge movie, including The Purge: Election Year. Produced and directed by James DeMonaco, The Purge: Election Year is the third movie in the sequel “The Purge”. According to James Berardinelli, a top critic from Rotten Tomatoes, ““The Purge” is a social policy enacted by the “New Founding Fathers” that has resulted in great prosperity for America’s wealthiest citizens”. In this film in particular, the main characters are protecting a presidential candidate throughout the Purge rather than looking after themselves. Throughout the film, those who are rich and powerful are those who end up surviving, while the poor and unprivileged …show more content…

Per Berardinelli, when speaking of the character Grillo plays, “In short order, he has been shot and, with a bullet in his left shoulder, is ushering her through the city streets on Purge Night. If his primary characteristic is unfriendliness, his secondary one is incompetence”. DeMonaco not only diminishes the role of one of the best characters throughout the movie sequel, but also gives him characteristics that are typically not likeable in movies. Without watching the first two movies in this series, someone would never be able to guess Grillo was one of the main characters. Grillo’s large role in the previous movies is one of the main reasons they were much better than the last, and the feedback from reviewers and fans shows that. The reduced role of Grillo in this film was just one reason as to why this film has recieved mostly negative feedback. To go along with Grillo having a very small role in the film, the plot simply follows that of the previous two films. Obviously since this movie is the third in the sequel, the plot will be similar, but the character’s actions continue to be the same. In the first two films, the main characters find themselves in trouble by being betrayed by someone close to them, and coincidentally the same thing seems to happen in this movie. For example, in the first film, The Purge, a young boy deactivates his home’s security hoping

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