At This Very Moment, There Are Phones In The Surrounding

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At this very moment, there are phones in the surrounding areas blowing up with notifications from their addictive social sites. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumbler, and many more social media sites surround everybody no matter where they are today. Social media is great since a person can contact nearly anybody in the world. Many people post about every little thing in their lives such as their relationship status or how they partied hard last night. This is true especially for today’s generation. The generation today could not survive for a day without any contact with their social devices. One thing that today’s generation may not consider is that today, employers and company are looking through one’s social devices when…show more content…
Some actions that could potentially prevent them from getting hire or fire a current employee are that candidate can post on social media of their interaction with drugs or alcohol, post about backfired comments about their previous employers or employees, post judgement and prejudice comments about race, sex, or religion, or post comments that clearly lead to the person’s having poor communication skills (TD Magazine). These situations can lead the employer to consider not hire a candidate or even eventually fire a current employee. One should take into consideration of how and what they are posting on social media. One reason social media should affect one getting hired or fired is because a person can say opinions or post an image which could damage the companies’ status. Speculations and clients could be lost by the company because of the misrepresentation of an employee. The individual is a delegate for the business. They should not have to be disloyal to the company and destroy the company’s image. It is one of the reason the company hire a person in the first place. In results, the companies can fire a person as long it is not an illegal reason. A situation happened in Georgia to a twenty-four-year-old young woman. As Emma Teital wrote in her article, a secondary teacher, Ashley Payne, lost her employment after she posted a

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