At-Will Employment

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At Will Employment The term "at will" applies both to the person hired and to the person who does the hiring. As the term suggests, both parties have the ability to end the employment whenever they wish because there are no "strings" attached to it (Employee Issues, 2012). In a normal contract situation, a person is employed for a specified amount of time and the individual knows that as long as a contract is in force what is expected and the remuneration that comes with the employment. This type of contract comes with a guarantee of employment as long as the individual meets the requirements of the contract. A contract also guarantees the employer that the employee has to fulfill certain obligations by law. In the case of "at will" employment, there is no contract signed by either party. Even though the employee may interview and have to fill out certain paperwork to obtain the job, they are not contracted for the work. The employee is hired with the understanding that they can leave employment at any time and that the employer can do the same. This also means that the employer is free to change the specifications of the job any time they will (Employee Issues, 2012). Another facet of this type of employment is that the employer is free to choose the type of employee they want. Even if a policy seems discriminatory, the employer is able to apply it if it does not in some way violate the law. As a final note on the definition of such employment, employers will generally
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