At Will Employment Law

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At Will law was situated into place to safeguard both the employee and the employer. By creating the employment at will law; both the employer and employee are able to cancel the contract at any time without consequence. “Employment at-will means that employers are able to terminate ones employment at any time, for any cause - with or without notice”, Rogers, S. 2012. By the late 1800’s the doctrine “At Will Employment” was established in the United States. The principle was valued at first by the employers because it allowed the employers to have exclusive freedom as to how they could operate their companies. The principle of this doctrine also gave the employers protections in the legal system if they needed to go to court. Since the employers were not afraid of any legal issues coming to play over how they treated their employees many situation resulted in abuse. With the abuse on the up-rise this started the employees rethinking away to protect themselves from abusive employers with too much power and freedom. The employees started joining unions to help protect them and go to bat for them over legal issues. With this happening the movement for Civil Rights Laws became affect in the 60’s. The business had to start recording their company policies pertaining to the steps that outlined an employee’s termination. This made it seem easier for the legal system to have a grip at making sure the companies were following their own company employee manuals. When the

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