At the end of Macbeth, Malcolm refers to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as 'this dead butcher...and his fiend-like queen.' To what extent do you agree with this judgement?

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At the end of the play, Malcolm, the newly crowned King of Scotland describes Lady Macbeth as a 'fiend-like queen. ' To a certain extent this judgement is true, yet Lady Macbeth has to actually evoke evil spirits to help prevent her from feeling any compassion or warmth. The evil spirits 'unsex ' Lady Macbeth and remove all feminine qualities from her, trading them for evil, proving that deep down there must be some good in her if she has to call for some outside help to aid her with her deeds.

Lady Macbeth likes to be seen as ruthless and cruel by everyone, yet we know that she must have feelings if she cannot bring herself to murder King Duncan because he 'resembled my father as he slept. ' This shows that she cannot possibly be as
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It was his duty to protect the King, not turn against him, and kill murderers, not change into one. After all Macbeth was named 'Thane of Cawdor ' by King Duncan. However this title is ironic as it once belonged to a disloyal traitor, which Macbeth later on becomes in the play. Yet Macbeth does dismiss and disregard the idea of murdering King Duncan, he can 't let himself believe he would contemplate such a thing. Once confiding his innermost desires to Lady Macbeth he cannot escape the idea, Lady Macbeth willingly takes charge of the situation which Macbeth accepts and begins to formulate a plot.

After going through with the murder with Lady Macbeth 's support and help, Macbeth starts talking about hearing people crying out 'Murder! ' in their sleep. He soon comes to the realisation that he will never be able to sleep innocently again. At the thought of this Macbeth begins to lose control but Lady Macbeth manages to keep him sane. Lady Macbeth appears as if she is in control of the situation, but she is already showing signs of weakness especially as she needed supernatural assistance and alcohol to help her get through the crime.

Once successfully carrying out one murder, Macbeth begins to carry out more. He murders Banquo and Macduff 's family, each time becoming easier. Macbeth didn 't even talk to Lady Macbeth about killing Lady Macduff and her children, it was a pointless and reckless thing to have done,
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