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An Analysis of AtekPC Howard Kleinberg, Mark Grover As we walk through our analysis of this case, please keep the following questions in mind: 1. What mistakes did AtekPC make in implementing its PMO? 2. What should AtekPC have done to successfully implement its PMO? Industry Background Proliferation of mobile phones, PDAs and web-based applications slowed PC popularity. Industry was undergoing a wave of Director Application Development consolidation as cost control and scale Richard Steinberg became more important. Chief Information Officer John Strider Director Technology & Operations Company Background Established in 1984, 210 full-time employees, 200 part-time employees. 2006 sales = $1.9 Billion. Dealing with an…show more content…
Limitations: o Shortage of PMO expert resources; o Staff consisted of: PMO director + 3 contract project managers. Project charter introduced “idea form” = used to prioritize projects. PMO responsibilities: o Establish, publish, and disseminate project practices, standards and tools; o Add Later – Portfolio Management & Archiving of projects for knowledge sharing. - - - Authority – provided by CIO AFTER the PMO had proven itself: o Authority being developed bottom-up; o No plan to enforce usage at the enterprise level. PMO Organization 2 Models: o ‘PMO-Heavy’: Full staff of project managers responsible for all IT projects. o ‘PMO-Light’: Minimal staff of experts working through internal project managers to perform responsibilities of PMO. Manufacturing Systems Manager (Gardner) wanted to maintain control of projects and assign a Project Manager from the PMO to follow his directions. Heavy vs. Light created tensions. - Culture Unaccustomed to consistent, disciplined process & standards. Viewed PMO as administrative overhead. Saw PMO as getting in the way of “real work”. “If we get too rigid, it will fail”. Knowledge barriers - little to no experience with formal project management practices. No consensus among senior management concerning the degree to which project management was an integral part of the change process. Director of Applications

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