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1. What is the purpose and mission of a PMO?
As according to the AtekPC Project Management Office case, the purpose1 of a PMO is to fulfill the need for greater discipline in managing IT projects. Moreover, it establishes or enhances project management skills, process, and governance structures within an organization (Applegate Pg. 462). The director of Application Development, Richard Steinberg, described AtekPC’s PMO’s purpose as a “methodology” for managing projects with standardized practices. As stated within the case, the main purpose of the PMO is to provide standardization in managing projects of large, complex scales as well as gain improvements in planning and performance of initiatives (Applegate Pg. 465). The case generalizes
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This is a more long term outlook as 2. What are the main challenges and obstacles in implementing a PMO?
Using the AtekPC case as an example, it is evident that the first obstacle in implementing a PMO is whether the corporate culture will accept it. Within this case, from project initiation to the way things “got done”, the culture of the IT department was very informal. Projects were typically initiated through an informal process where users would directly request IT services through the Lead Analyst, and she just tells the work force to work according to the requests. There is also an indication of lack in consistency across IT groups with project methods, documentation, practices, and tools being individualized by Lead Analysts (Applegate Pg. 465). In addition, the informality was attractive to both the customers of IT as well as the IT section. The customers liked that the IT people were responsive to their needs and by that relationship; tasks were done in a timely fashion. There was no cost tracking or performance records kept on projects, so IT found that appealing. It becomes very difficult to implement the PMO into a system where the soul of an operation would reject it. In this case, it might fail. John Strider commented and said, “If you fight the culture at every turn, you will lose”. He also compared to it swimming upstream. There were also knowledge barriers to compound the with the informality issue. Many of the staff, including

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