Atha Corporation

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Atha Corporation Accounting & Finance Department Plan Human Resources Department Plan Melanie Hanson Patrick Blessinger Bus3011 Spring 2014 Table of Contents 3. Executive Summary 4. Human Resources Description 4. Accounting and Finance Description 4. Human Resources Purpose Statement 4. Accounting and Finance Purpose Statement 5. Human Resources Goals and Activities 5. Accounting and Finance Goals and Activities 5. Management Goals and Activities 6. Human Resources Organizational Structure 6. Accounting and Finance Organizational Structure 6. Management Organizational Structure 7. Human Resources Interview 7. Accounting and Finance Interview 7. Management Interview 8. Human Resources Performance Standards 8.…show more content…
Accounting and Finance Description Our accounting and finances department at Atha has very strong moral standards we require employees to abide by due to the sensitivity of the information they handle and the trust needed to successfully run their position. Our finance department handles payroll, taxes, accounts payable and receivable as well as financial analysis. Each member of our finance team is put through thorough vigorous training to ensure they are able to complete their job to the fullest. Human Resources Purpose Statement Human Resources is here to promote trust by allowing employees to feel free and open to discuss any issues they may be having with co-workers, management, or company policy. By doing this the department supports collaboration by encouraging employees to discuss issues and motivate our employees to do the best by creating an effective work environment. Accounting and Finance Purpose Statement Atha’s accounting and finance department has a simply defined job. They are to ensure every bill is paid on time, Atha receives payments on time, there is a profit being made, employees receive their pay checks and taxes accordingly, and that there is no unethical behavior going on regarding finances. Ensuring that this is done correctly will help to prove our trust in them while
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