Atha Executive Plan Essay

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U05A1 Atha Executive Plan Human Resource Functional Area Accounting and Finance Functional Area Debra Marzett Instructor: Crystal Neumann Spring Quarter 2013 BUS3011 May 10, 2013 CONTENTS Executive Summary 4 Purpose Statement 5 Human Resource 5 Accounting and Finance 5 Goals and Activities 6 Human Resource 6 Accounting and Finance 7 Organizational Structure 8 Human Resource 8 Accounting and Finance: 9 Interview Questions 10 Human Resource Generalist 10 Accounting and Finance Analyst 11 Performance Standards 12 Human Resource 12 Accounting and Finance 13 Conclusion 14 References 15 Appendix I 16 a. Strategic Alignment Worksheet: Human Resource 16 1.0 Goals and Activities: 16 2.0 Interview Questions: 17 3.0 Purpose Statement: 18 4.0…show more content…
Finally, organizational charts display the structure of the Accounting, Finance and the Human Resources functional areas of Atha Corporation. Purpose Statement Human Resource The Human Resource Department promotes organizational effectiveness by providing programs and services that plans, organizes, leads, and controls the company’s personnel. By hiring, qualify staff and retaining existing employees thus empowering Atha Corporation to meet its operational goals and objectives. The purpose statement promotes trust, motivation, collaboration, and support for the employees when it states that by “retaining existing employees will empower the organization to meet the operational goals and objectives. In order to be an effective manager (Robbins, 2013) states that “management is the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through and with other people” (pg. 6). This statement defines why a purpose statement is the trait of an effective manager. Accounting and Finance The Accounting and Finance Department provides timely and accurate financial reporting and accounting services to Atha Corporation, its employees, departments, and stakeholders for compliance and strategic financial management. We are committed to leading in an honest and ethical manner while endorsing employee empowerment by providing an environment where everyone is stimulated to grow skillfully and individually. By establishing a purpose statement we determine
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