Atheism, Nihilism, And Nihilism

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I believe atheism, and nihilism do have certain things in common, but Atheism does not necessarily entail nihilism. There is more than one type of nihilism found in society, and even though Nihilism may entail Atheism. but they are both different. Looking closer at the definition of Nihilism and Atheism I found the main difference in definition between the two which will later be explained in detail. There are many types of beliefs that could could be consider Nihilism, but only two that express the true meaning to the word; Moral Nihilism and Metaphysical Nihilism, these believes could get confused to being Atheism, that’s why knowing the true meaning of Moral Nihilism, Metaphysical Nihilism and Atheism will give us a better representation of what they are and how they where they differ from each other. To begin to understand the difference between Atheism and Nihilism I had first to understand what each meant and the views each of them have.
At first Nihilism and Atheism may seem like they mean the same thing. Looking deeper into the definition of each of the words we will find that they are not. Atheism is the “denial” ( Smart, J. J. C. ) in God(s). Furthermore, it could be said that Atheism is not a belief system, it doesn’t disbelieve the existence of Gods, it denies that there is a God. Older dictionaries have defined Atheism as a “belief” (OED) that there is no God. Disbelieving in something and denying something are two different things. Disbelieving in
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