Atheism: When I Questioned Religion

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Atheism: When I questioned religion

When I was in third grade, I was reading an English textbook, when I noticed an interesting side note to a short story. The story, a Native American myth, contained a note stating something along the lines of "Early native people created stories such as this to explain a world they had no scientific understanding of." For some reason, this side note stuck in my head so when I reexamined this part of my life and was able to put this up against the knowledge that most civilizations throughout history have created myths and religion for this same reason (Such as Greek myths involving the sun), I came to the conclusion that all religions were probably just remnants of this type of thinking.

This was not the beginning of my questioning, however. The beginning was when I was very small, you see. I was possibly in the first grade. I could never quite figure out where a god himself would come from. Not only this, but I also realized that the bible had never mentioned dinosaurs as having been living on earth before humans. An older me thinks back on this and juxtaposes it with the common religious rule of not eating pork. Earlier in human
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I currently consider myself an atheist. To be more specific, I believe that religion is a desperate grasp may by humanity at an obsolete mindset from the past to maintain a semblance of purpose and understanding when in fact everything in existence is just a continually falling chain of dominoes set to the algorithm of logic, and humanity and life as a whole are just accidental results of an explosion. In a similar facet, I believe that we are all just beings stumbling around driven by our chemical reaction based instincts just going through the motions of survival like a more complex version of ants or bees, pretending that we
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