Atheists: A Fictional Narrative

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I have a cold and he’s injured, so we are sitting on the wall in the room.
I go out of the room when I get too hot and get a drink of water from the fountain. He comes out the door and smiles.
“Hey what’s up?” I say, actually curious.
“Nothing really. Just recovering from a calf injury.” He motions to his leg.
“Oh, fun.” I smile.
“Why aren’t you practicing?” He asks me.
“I have a cold and my mom doesn’t want me to practice with it.”
“That sucks”
Yeah, it does. I feel like crap while my team is getting better and stronger. This way I can talk to him though, so it isn’t that bad. “Not really. I’m okay, I just need to recover a little.” I pause and ask “So you’re Mormon?”
“Yeah. Are you religious?”
“No, but i’m not atheist.” I am against organized
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I see him walking around and we lock eyes. He comes over and sits right next to me. “Are you ok?” he asks, sounding concerned.
“Yeah I’m fine. Just frustrated with Zach. Also with myself. I could’ve beat that guy” I say in a rude tone.
“You did great. Don’t beat yourself up over it. And Zach’s an idiot.” that was definitely the truth. Zach is a complete idiot and I shouldn’t have let him get to me.
“No problem”
“How did you do?”
“I lost.”
“Oh, fun.” I say sarcastically.
We sit there in silence for a few minutes just looking at each other.
“I need to go get some water.” He says, getting up.
I smile at him and let him leave.

On the bus from the jamboree:
There aren’t enough seats on the bus for everyone to have their own, so I sit next to him. “I’m gonna sit with you because there’s no space…” I say cautiously.
“Alright” he says, smiling warmly.
I plop down into the seat and throw my stuff in the aisle. “What’s up?” I ask him.
“Not much. You?”
“I’m annoyed about losing but nothing really.” at this point i was just tired of losing over and over again. I had only won one match so far, against a girl that was a first year light weight.
“You did well though.”
“Thanks, but I
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“Ok” I reply.
“Why are we texting when we are three feet away from each other??” He asks.
He puts his phone away and looks at me but I text him back.
“But that means one of us has to move. It’s too far!”
He looks at me, laughing. “Get over here” He texts back.
I go sit next to him and he is using his sweatshirt as a pillow and offers it to me.
“No thanks” I say, regretting it immediately.
“Okay but you can lay down on it if you want.”
I look at him, surprised at his straightforwardness. He looks at me, asking me with his eyes to lay down.
“It’s tempting but I don’t have the guts.” I say, hoping he will pull me to him. He doesn’t and I lay my head back and look out the window.
He tries to go to sleep but can’t manage to keep his eyes closed. We make eye contact and hold it for a few seconds.
“You look like you want to say something to me.” He says.
I blush, but he can’t see it. We just look at each other for a minute longer and I look out the window again.
The truth is, I don’t have anything to say to him, but when I look into his eyes they are so beautiful I can’t look away. Something he could never
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