Athen An Ancient Goddess And A Modern World Essay

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Athena: an Ancient Goddess and a Modern World
The tales of the Gods and heroic mortals originated two millennia ago in the ancient world of Greece and Roman. Back then, the stories were shared verbally, long before they were ever put to print by poets such as Hesiod, Homer and Ovid; however the influence of the ancient Greeks upon modern society can be seen in many aspects of our daily life. The stories found in the ancient myths we believe somewhat mimic the society from which they are born, and Athena, daughter of Zeus, has played a part in many of those stories. Athena can be found a of intrigue, as she is a strong female character in the male dominated world of Mount Olympus. The importance and legacy of Athena can be seen throughout the centuries in the city of Athens, as well as in art, poetry and more recently in cinema.
Athena is believed to be the daughter of Zeus, however the story of Athena’s actual birth varies. The most widely accepted story of the birth of Athena can be attributed to Hesiod in his Theogony. Per Hesiod, Zeus impregnated Metis, known for her wisdom and who it was foretold would have a child more powerful that their father. Zeus, then swallowed Metis and Athena sprang from her father’s head fully grown and in full armor. Athena has many half siblings which is to say other offspring of Zeus, such as Ares, Hebe, Persephone, Aphrodite and even the mortal Heracles. However, Athena is considered to be Zeus’s favorite child, he trusted her far above
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