Athena And Pericles Essay

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For years, Athens and her empire thrived under Pericles; therefore it is only logical that if Athens were to return to similar power, they should follow similar teachings. There are countless reasons why this was in the people’s best interest for only pure Athenians to be citizens of Athens. Most notably, for the following: the teachings of Pericles allowed the city to come together as one and create a singular united front for the world to see and respect built from their strong sense of identity post Peloponnesian War. Additionally, it was not possible that those who were not of pure Athenian blood to have had the same level of commitment to her great empire as pure blooded Athenians did. Consequently, Athenians viewed Metics as second class…show more content…
For example, during the mid-4th century BCE there were endless lawsuits and counter-lawsuits between Apollodorus and Stephanus. Apollodorus claimed that Stephanus’s children were not Athenian because they were born to an Alien mother, and Stephanus argued that his wife and mother of his children, Naera, was indeed a citizen of Athens (Demosthenes 59). The basis of this argument was that Naera could not be a citizen because she was not born of Athenian parents and did not deserve the rights of an individual who is, to include passing her citizenship down to her children. The manipulation on behalf of Naera and the fact that this became a trial more than a century after Pericles’s citizenship law in 451 BCE, not only exemplifies, but gives validity and justification to the pride Athenians felt in being Athenian and the consequent disdain and distrust for any outsider. That led to all outsiders rightfully being refused citizenship because individuals may not be trusted to hold a lands best interest at heart if the very basis of their presence in the land is based on
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