Athena: The Goddess of War and Skill

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The shield with the flying horse on it lets us know that this Goddess is a warrior. This is most likely the warrior Goddess or Goddess of war and skill, Athena. Athena is depicted here defending herself with her shield; she is often seen with a shield or a spear. Athena is the Greek virgin Goddess of war, arts, and literature. Athena was born out of Zeus’s head full grown as well as in full armor. There are many variations of Athena’s birth, for example, one of them says that Hephaestus split open the head of Zeus with an ax to ease the birth. In some instances of this myth, Prometheus or even Hermes is a helper in the birth. She is very brave and fierce in battle but only ones that defend her state from outside enemies. Her father, Zeus, allows her to use his weapons, including the thunderbolt, because she is said to be his favorite child. Her being born in full armor and full grown “allegorizes” the three basic characteristics of Athena, which are her expertise in skill and war, her wisdom, and the masculinity of her virgin nature. The fact that she is typically depicted in battle or with a shield and other weapons also shows her three basic characteristics. There is no visible relationship between the function of the artifact, a vase, and the scene of Athena other than the scene on the vase being able to tell a story and show Athena. Other than that there is no visible relationship between Athena and the use of the vase. This vase could have been used for decoration in

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