Athena and Odysseus

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Relationship between Athena and Odysseus By looking at the epic The Odyssey by Homer, there are a lot of contacts between human and immoral, the relationship between Athena and Odysseus, which make me interesting, also this is important for the story. The relationship between Athena and Odysseus is the key for the story, because Odysseus had received a lot of help from Athena, their relationship is the reason to explain why would an immortal Athena who never interesting or attracted by any male either mortal or immortal, but only a human male, Odysseus, and helps Odysseus in either direct and indirect ways to get back home and take average to all the suitor in order for Odysseus to get back his family and his land. The beginning of…show more content…
Tell me the truth now, have I really reached the land I love?” (368-373)Odysseus thinks Athena is lying to him and is playing him as a fool; he wants Athena to tell him the truth. After Athena explains Odysseus his son’s situation, Odysseus had blame Athena again “Why not tell him the truth? You know it all. Or is he too- like father. Like son- condemned to hardship, roving over the barren salt sea while stranger devour our livelihood right here?”(475-478) Odysseus had blame Athena that she doesn’t help his son Telemachus and let Telemachus knows that he has returned to Ithaca earlier, so Telemachus doesn’t need to have any hard time.
By looking that the contacts between Athena and Odysseus from their conversation, I can easily define the personality of Athena and Odysseus. For Athena’s personality basic on chapter thirteen, I can define as helpful and lovely, she brave to love a guy who blinded her cousin Polyphemus (son of Poseidon), she doesn’t fear her uncle Poseidon to challenge Poseidon to help Odysseus to return home. Also as a god of Greek she doesn’t has the haughtiness of a god, she talks like a human kind. For Odysseus’s personality basic on chapter thirteen I would say he is a tricky man, who always want to test other people, he never trust any people
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