Athenian Democracy Vs American Democracy Essay

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“Riot is the language of the of the unheard.”Back around the time 430B.C. democracy was beginning to be developed. Surprisingly, like all great things it took time and is still taking time to perfect to this day. Democracy is not a system of government that is unchanging it is, matter of fact, constantly up for change and perfection. In comparing Athenian and American democracy, they are very different however some aspects are the same. The similarities include citizens were allowed to vote for their leader(s). However, the definition of a citizen is completely different now that it was then. A citizen back then was a male landowner in Athens, on the other hand, citizens now days are people that are born within the country or have parents…show more content…
This also lessens the power of the people within the current democracy and its makes it where if your elected official does not agree with the law he will not submit the law for debate and passage. Making the elected official in more of a power position than the people. When democracy was officially built on the power of the people not the power of high ranking officials, therefore, ruining the whole point of having a democracy in the first place. Another difference between the two democracies is that in the Athenian democracy, the people who were able to vote were taught and given a proper education, unlike today where everyone can vote, whether they are educated or not. In Athenian time you had to be a boy who was most likely to become a landowner. This eliminated the chances for advancement in technology significantly and made the process of evolution slow down even more. Likewise, now days everyone is given an education. Rich, poor, white or black everyone is given equal opportunity to pursue an education. If they choose to is all up to them. In conclusion when comparing and contrasting American Democracy today and Athenian Democracy in 430B.C. there are many similarities and many differences. The effects and outcomes of each democracy are almost the same. Overall democracy is democracy in the end and deep down it is all the
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