Athenian Humanism Essay

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Humanism is a philosophy created by the ancient Athenians of Ancient Greece. This philosophy was based upon the idea that humans are the center of everything, are able to rely on their own abilities to meet challenges, and understand and make sense of the universe and forces. The Athenian humanist philosophy demonstrated a somewhat new belief system and cultural tradition. The Athenians also presented new ideas in art, science, philosophy, and politics. However, the humanist philosophies is not entirely new to the world and has already been displayed in other ancient civilizations.
The Athenians blended their humanist philosophy with their art. Their approach in the arts was unique. In their pottery, the Athenians would usually paint humans
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For example, Socrates had faith in the potential of humans to construct their own values without the help of god. This belief is similar to the idea of rationalism. Which is a belief or theory that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge rather than on religious beliefs. A different idea to Rationalism was Empiricism, which was thought up by Aristotle. Empiricism is the idea of learning through past experiences and observing the natural world. These beliefs did not require any religious beliefs but required faith in human reason.
However in the Athenian humanist philosophy, humans are the center of everything and has already been demonstrated by ancient civilizations. Take China for example, their philosophies such as Confucianism and Taoism showed similar qualities to humanism. For example, Taoism is somewhat similar to Humanism because in Taoism, there are no rules and expect the humans to act on their own and come up with their own conclusions. Taoism believed in the abilities of humans and wanted people to be independent and work out their own problems and challenges without looking up to a deity for
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