Athenian Women As Revealed By Lysias, On The Murder Of Eratosthenes Essay

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Athenian Women revealed by Lysias, On the Murder of Eratosthenes.
The primary text, On the Murder of Eratosthenes, chronicles the speech of Euphiletus, an Athenian man, in his defense for killing Eratosthenes of Oe in Attica, after discovering him in an act of adultery with his wife. The speech begins by providing an early narration of the marriage of Euphiletus and his wife. According to Euphiletus, he kept a watchful eye on his wife, until he gradually relinquished control having gained trust in her--a fatal flaw. Whilst attending his mother’s funeral with his wife (one of the few public events attended by Athenian women), she is glimpsed by Eratosthenes; who then seduces her, and continues out his affair with her. After several suspicious events, Euphiletus, finally confronts a servant-girl who after being threatened reveals the affair. Having learned of Eratosthenes presence in his home one night, Euphiletus slips out of his house, collects his friends, and returns home, where he murders Euphiletus. Overall, Euphiletus’ testimony is an insightful document that not only illuminates Athenian law, but also the inner workings of private Greek life, and the lives of those often forgotten--women.
As illustrated in A Husband’s Defense, women were dominated by men. From birth until death their lives were dictated by their fathers and husbands. In a civilization famed for its democracy, women were voiceless. Throughout the entire testimony, Euphiletus wife is

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