Athens And Sparta Vs. Sparta

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In ancient Greece there were two major polises which allowed the Greek culture to achieve greatness during the 400-500 B.C.E. era. These two polises were Athens and Sparta; both city states differed in many ways before the start of the Persian War. There were low rugged mountains that separated these two city states so communication and travel were difficult. The government of these two city states can be seen as a primary difference between the two. Draco, Solon, Pisistratus, and Cleithenes were four leaders that greatly influenced the political development of Athens. Athens and Sparta differed primarily in their political, social, and economical aspects. But there were other difference that Athens and Sparta share which I will examine in this essay.
When it came to politics, these two polises could not be more different. Starting with Solon, Athens took a more democratic approach in its government. The Athenian form of electing government was considered a limited democracy. It was limited because it didn’t apply universally to all its citizens. Only the free men of sufficient property were allowed to participate in the decision making; this excluded the poor and women. The Athenian system of government was also a government that allowed slavery to exist. While this system was limited, it was radical that it was the first of its kind because it allowed some of its citizens the opportunity to participate in its government; it was a departure from the common notion of the

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