Athens Vs Ancient Sparta

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Sparta was a militarized civilization and Spartans were known for their warrior ways. However, in spite of this, the governmental system of Sparta was much more multifaceted than merely a militaristic system. For instance, free male citizens over the age of 30 of Sparta were all recognized as members of the assembly. Together the assembly partook in passing laws, assisted in making decisions on war, and more importantly they had the authority, depending on the time period, to elect either three or five magistrates known as the Ephors. The Ephors served as the Spartans executive branch alongside two former Gerousia that were elected to the position of the two Kings. Furthermore, the assembly obtained the right to elect any of the 30 spots that…show more content…
Together they’d ultimately determine the issues that would come up for discussion within the assembly. Proving Sparta was not a political form of democracy and the Ephors and the Gerousia had the power of the public…show more content…
The way they got along with the rest of Greece was surely different in that Sparta consisted of the most feared fighters and held military supremacy over the land. However, Sparta seemed satisfied in keeping to itself and provided military assistance when necessary. Where, Athens was hegemonic and felt the need to dominate and the necessity to have more and more control ultimately led to the war between all Greeks.
The role of women between both city-states also varied greatly, Spartan woman were viewed almost as equals to the Spartan men, and they were fairly well educated. They had freedom to go where they pleased within the town and were allowed to manage their own land. Although they were unable to vote they had a great deal of responsibilities. The Athenian women were secluded and stayed at home and viewed as property of their husbands rather than equals like Spartan woman. They were responsible for the domestic arts. Athenian woman were not taught to fight or defend their husbands property while they were away like the Spartan woman. Even the way their children were raised was completely opposite; in Athens boys attended school and the majority went on to be scholars and philosophers. Spartan boys were taken from their parents at the age of seven and trained to become great Spartan warriors although they received some education
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