Athens vs. Sparta

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Athens Vs. Sparta
Throughout the ancient world there were two dominating empires. (S) The Athenian City (polis) and the Spartan empire. These two cities were both powerful and famous but significantly different. However, the city of Athens was by far a much more influential and powerful city-state in comparison to Sparta. Although both the city-states had their own strengths such as their government, social structure and their military tactics, Athens was a pivotal city that still to this day effects our way of life. On the other hand all of the Spartan traditions have been lost and forgotten.
The two cities, although extremely close in location (S) as seen on the map, had completely different ways of governing and running their
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After middle school, they went to a four-year high school and learned in greater depth about math, science and politics (____, 2011, 1). This system sounds extremely familiar doesn’t it? (S) Probably because it is almost exactly the same as the one we have at the moment, and where did we get the idea for such a brilliant education system? That’s correct, Athens! Yes, there is no denying that the Spartan lifestyle worked well at producing a brilliant military. However, over 2000 years later you will find that kids are being sent to a school for an education rather than a barracks to be trained for war.

(S) You would expect that with the Spartans literally spending their whole lives training for war and fighting they’d at least be the best and undefeatable. However, even after devoting their whole life to training, Athens, once again took victory over the Spartans military similarly to how they did with their government and lifestyle. (S) Due to the two locations of the cities Sparta was land bound so all they had to do was train for fighting on land, where as Athens was bound by land as well as sea so they had to be prepared for anything on land and sea. (S) However, in September 490 BC Athens fell under attack by the Persians in a battle known as the “Battle of Marathon.” When Greek and Athens fell under attack, the Spartans were
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