Atherosclerosis Case Study Essay

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In the case of an individual needing to abide by a heart healthy nutrition plan, they would be suffering from some form of heart disease. Two of the most common types of heart disease are Ischemic heart disease and Inflammatory heart disease. In the case of Ischemic heart disease, this is a heart ailment caused by the narrowing of the coronary arteries thus resulting in a decreased blood supply to the heart. Inflammatory heart disease on the other hand is a rather broad term and can be used to categorize several heart conditions including Atherosclerosis. An individual who suffers from Atherosclerosis can expect the the walls of their arteries to become thick and stiff because of the buildup of fatty deposits called plaques. When this occurs, the flow of blood is restricted. Atherosclerosis can happen throughout the body, for example, in the arteries of the heart it is known as Coronary artery disease and in the legs it is referred to as Peripheral arterial disease. It is essential that those suffering from heart disease follow a specific diet however, if they refuse to be cautious, they are highly susceptible to developing several life threatening complications. One example includes heart failure, which occurs when the heart cannot adequately pump blood throughout the body. This can cause shortness of breath, dizziness, confusion, and the buildup of fluid in the body, causing…show more content…
These are mainly subjected to the type of underlying heart disease, the person’s reaction to certain medications, and the extent and severity of the impairment. Heart disease is considered to be a chronic condition, and there can be complications following periods of medication-induced improvement. However, people with heart disease can better overcome their conditions as new medications and treatment options are being developed, and by abiding by specific diets such as a heart healthy meal
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