Athlete Injury Research Paper

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Throughout an athlete's career they will have their bumps and bruises on a daily basis. That same athlete could also face a major obstacle in the road that will question whether they continue their journey or quit. Usually this comes in the form of an injury depending on the circumstance and severity, this athlete may be referred to a physical therapist. According to Jennifer Robinson, ¨Physical therapy is one of the best choices you can make when you have long-term chronic pain¨ (¨Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain¨). The role of a physical therapist is to,¨examine, evaluate, and treat athletes who have conditions...that affects their ability to move freely and without pain¨, according to the article ¨Benefits of a Physical Therapist.” They…show more content…
When they get injured, they often wonder why and what exactly is going on. This is a critical part in whether the article will recover in the right timeframe. Diagnosing the athlete’s injury will also soothe or stress them on a mental level depending on what type of person they are. Depending on their mental state, this will determine if they understand their injury and how it happened. Further details into the injury will sometimes help the athlete and their parents cope with their injury because most athlete’s don’t know how to explain what happened to them. Once the physical therapist helps you figure out why you got injured, they will teach you exercises and techniques related to your injury. These exercises/techniques will help the athlete reduce pain. Whether they have a sprained knee or torn meniscus, every injury is different and everyone’s rehab plan is different than the next. There is a wide variety of injuries and physical therapy that helps the athlete focus on their injury then tries to strengthen that injury. According to Jennifer Robinson, M.D. of WebMD, “Physical therapy is like a super-focused type of workout (Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain). In some cases, “if physical therapy helps you eliminate pain or heal from an injury, surgery may not be needed” (10 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help). “Physical therapist can help these patients control pain, often reducing…show more content…
They deal with a whole bunch of personalities on a daily basis, and this can be considered mentally/physically demanding for some. Most physical therapist enjoy the environment that surrounds them because for this job they have to have patience to deal with the many challenges that create themselves. According to an article published on the website of the American Physical Therapy Association, ¨Helping people to attain or regain the ability to walk and carry out daily life can lead to a great feeling of personal satisfaction¨ (Benefits of a Physical Therapist Career). They have to have a great attitude and be able to think outside of the box because throughout the long process of rehab, there may be a point where the athlete may question if the physical therapist know what they are
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