Athlete Introduction : Vincent O ' Connor

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Athlete Introduction:

Vincent O’Connor is a 19-year-old Hockey player, studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Otago, Dunedin. O’Connor is 174cm tall, weighs 74kg and has a BMI of 23.8. In High School, he enjoyed playing Tennis, however in 2013 O’Connor began to specialize in Hockey and hasn’t played tennis competitively since. O’Connor has had several injuries in the past, however currently presents as injury free.

O’Connor finished playing for the season at the end of August and is now 3 weeks into his 18 week Off-season. With University exams starting in less than a month, his next eight weeks are going to be focused around his studies leaving only 110 minutes a week available for any training.

Before the season starts he will have a 12 week General Preparatory phase, in which he prepared to train for 3.5 hours a week. Afterwards he has a 8 week Specific Preparatory phase and looking to spend 4 hours a week outside of club trainings in order to prepare for the season.

O’Connor will play a 14 week competitive season, focusing the majority of his time on team trainings and games. He is aiming to allow for 90 minutes a week for training outside of team and University commitments.

Training Plan

The Off-season is arguably the most important phase of any sports-specific training program (Davies, 2016). This phase is not only designed to help the athlete recover both physically and psychologically, but is also when some of the physical imbalances that…

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