Athletes And Professional Sports Athletes

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Many professional sports athletes historically took steroids to enhance greatly their overall performance, to furnish them with a reasonable edge against their opposing team. Most of the trained athletes who took or are trying anabolic steroids, do not grasp the additional complications they are taking mentally and physically with on themselves. In that respect there comes consequences with taking steroids, particularly with getting caught, these matters can be a problem for the sports athletes trustworthiness, short term health problems, personal wellness, wrong case in point for America’s younger generation and America’s self image. Consequently for an athlete’s overall well being, engaging in illegal substance should not be his or her ideal priorities. To begin with athletes never should use steroids for the health and well being of his/her reputation. A great number of athletes today have been caught using steroids, and their reputations damaged together with imaginable hall of fame careers ruined. Such as Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds and Shawne Merriman. Lance Armstrong is a seven times Tour de France cross country cyclist champion and the most recent superstar to admit to using steroids. He knew he was wrong for using the substance and said in an interview: “It’s been well documented. I did not invent the culture, but I did not try to stop the culture, and that is my mistake, and that is what I have to be sorry for, and that is
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