Athletes Are Negative Role Models for Society

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Athletes Are Negative Role Models for Society It seems that a day cannot go by without us either picking up a paper or listening to the evening news and there is a story surrounding a predominant athlete that has somehow gotten themselves in trouble with the law. These are the same people we glamorize night in and out on the stage in which they perform. Sport Center gives us all their individual accolades along with astonishing highlights. They’re obviously really good at what they do. Should parents today recognize where appreciation for the athlete ends on the court or field, and tell their kids that these athletes should not be looked at as role models? A role model is defined as a person who serves as a model in a particular…show more content…
With an era ending with steroids and some athletes coming forward and those that still deny any allegations of use, is there any surprise that normal human beings may be tempted to use such a product given its benefits? The response of the sports community is that of outrage. Fans wonder why an athlete would compromise the whole sport when in actuality they should not have that burden on them. Athletes sometimes look at themselves first and the sport second. It’s might because they want to be the best at what they do for as long as possible, but isn’t that just the easy way out? When congress called upon Major league players to a formal hearing in 2005 players such as Mark McGuire and Roger Clemens, denied such activity to save face in front of the whole nation and the world and hope they still had a place in the hall of fame (Pound). Some players came forward and admitted wrong doing, some half truths, others sobering confessions. It was like our perfect, delicate, virgin idea of the sport and athlete came crashing to the ground and landing in a million pieces. If you think about it all society talks about when they bring up steroids is how it benefits the player. It sure seems like what is not being talked about enough are the negative consequences of steroids. Maybe society needs to have a mental shift in all of our thinking, not just young adults, about how these
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