Athletes In America

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A life Line to a Lifetime
What is America? America is summer time hayfields, backyard barbeques and front lawn lemonade stands of those young entrepreneurs; but most importantly, America is sports and its fanatics. Whether it be under the Friday night lights of a hometown, high school football game or at a national level, both fans and players take winning seriously, and is often considered sacred. Red Saunders, former football coach of the UCLA Bruins said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” However, is that really the case? Though it is an added bonus to win while playing sports, it is not the only thing because through athletic players build character, become more employable and establish life-long networks.
First, while playing sports athletes build character, even when not earning a win in his or her contest. Not one human in the world is perfect, even when participating in sports. Therefore, one could assume that those participating athletes will mess up and be corrected by a coach. Being exposed to constructive criticism, and the heated situations that these
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It is evident after high school and post secondary education, a graduate will seek specialized employment, focusing on his or her educated skills. Furthermore, this sought after job will require an interview that, an athlete will be prepared for. Athletes will be an automatic higher qualified candidate than those who have not participated in sports, as they have prior experience in team atmospheres and constructive work. A study conducted by the University of Stirling showed that student athletes who can demonstrate, apply and maintain the skills he or she learned while playing sports are over twenty-one percent more employable compared to the non-participating individual. This study proves winning isn’t everything while playing a
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