Athletes Lifestyle Essay

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Unit 28 - Athletes Lifestyle In the following essay, I will describe the five lifestyle factors that can affect an athlete. I will then go on to analyse each of the factors and how they affect an athlete’s lifestyle. The lifestyle factors that I will be talking about include the following: Sleep Stress Alcohol Physical Activity Smoking Sleep As human beings we all need sleep in our lifestyle. Sleep is our recovery period; it gives us the opportunity to rest from physical activity and repairs our brains mentally for the next day. Most sports that athletes take part in are physically demanding. Therefore, it is important that we have more sleep than the average person; this gives us more time to recover from our sport. 16-19…show more content…
Stress levels are going to be high so the athlete will be fully focused and wanting to perform at their highest level which will affect them positively if they want to win the match. Win at all costs attitude – Some athletes specifically stress over the fact that losing isn’t an option and that they must win at all costs. This will cause athletes to have an increase in adrenaline, this is a somatic symptom of stress that can affect your performance positively and usually shows when you have such a great passion for winning and the sport itself. Audience – Athletes of all ages have their families, friends and fans that come to watch them play sport, some more frequent than others, supporters always want to see their athletes perform well in front of them this brings good morale to some competitors. When you are stressed there can be negative effects (Distress) Worry - If a footballer goes up to take a penalty in football and they are put in the situation of taking the deciding penalty he is going to worried, this is a cognitive symptom of stress and can affect a footballers performance negatively. The penalty taker could be thinking about what their manager and teammates will think of him if he misses when really he should be focusing on what side of the net
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