Athletes Overpaid Essay

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Have you ever wondered if athletes are actually overpaid? Do they need all the money they get? The answer is of course they need the money they get. I would imagine you would think why well it’s because athletes always are working hard for entertainment and for people. They dedicate all of their lives for a sport. They could get horrifically injured. But worst of all they don’t work that long in the sports they do and sometimes would never be able to work ever again at most sometimes 14 years. First of all athletes have to dedicate all their life to a certain sport to get into something like the NFL, NBA, or NHL you have to work all your life to get there like how Lebron James trained every day to get to the NBA and pushed himself even more. They need as much help as possible. Almost every person working as hard as they can to get there in a National league. The next likely that is very problematic thing that could happen is how there lives could be drastically changed forever. They could also end up…show more content…
Now yes it is very possible that with all the money they have they would get treatments to get better and heal but what about if you're too far injured and you would never be able to ever work again like their paralyzed from the neck down it isn’t unlikely and if you had that type of money wouldn’t you want to have money as a just in case for a “rainy day” if something bad happen for example imagine you have a kid that plays a sport wouldn’t you be nervous if something happened to them and wouldn’t you want to have money so they could get an operation to get better? That is the exact same point of the millions of dollars they earn but as an adult you play a lot more intensely meaning you could get even than if it were
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