Athletes Should Not Be An Athlete

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An athlete is anyone who performs in a sport or activity with no restriction on age. The world is filled with star athletes like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt, and the world is also filled with young athletes like the children on a local little league baseball team. The Olympics Gold Medalist winners and the children of the little league baseball team both hold a similar position, which is they all are considered athletes of their respected sport. Being an athlete has many high points and downfalls at any level of the sport. The high points of being an athlete come with lots of joy and happiness; playing a good game individual with teammates or winning an important game, but most of the happiness comes from the love of the sport the athlete plays. For any positive in things, there is a negative side and the negative side of being an athlete is that it takes personal time off and the chances of injuries occurring in mostly any way possible. Injuries can be a painful and disappointing way of not continuing to play the sport an athlete would like to. The number one thing athletes need to be aware of is that they are still human with or without the sweat dripping off their bodies. Humans need to fully recover to avoid additional injuries or the possibility of reoccurring the injury twice. Athletes have become over passionate over sports where they put their bodies in danger. Concussions have been an important topic in the sport science world based on the safety of players. A
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