Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Aaron Harrison, guard for the University of Kentucky, made a contested 3 pointer with only 2.6 seconds left in the game to beat the #2 seed Michigan. The unexpected 75-72 victory took the Kentucky Wildcats, #8 seed, to the final four and was a victory en route to the national championship game that they ended up losing. For Harrison’s game-winner, Kentucky Athletic Director and basketball coaching staff made $329,166 in bonuses. This money is only a fraction of the revenue that was created for University of Kentucky throughout the tournament. These schools generate millions of dollars yearly, because they are playing in front of filled arenas on national television. The world of sports is very marketable and profitable, with some…show more content…
Whether an athlete goes on to be professional or not, they have been productive cash cows fro the NCAA without compensation. The ending of these athletes does not affect the NCAA, so they can continue the cycle of manipulation. Student athletes are gaining much athletically, so they should take advantage of the second part of being a “student athlete” instead of wasting away the free education they are receiving. The most important thing is for athletes to successfully leave college with a degree that they can use to build upon for the rest of their lives. It is mind-blowing that some athletes are active in a sport for four years and leave without a degree in hand. In any event, athletes are amateurs. They must realize that they are privileged to attend college and let alone for no cost to their pockets. Many students have to work jobs for extra money for clothes and food, but athletes have those covered for the most part. Athletes oftentimes make connections that normal students dream of and have jobs waiting for them either as a professional athlete or another career path. Bob Knight once said, “The best argument against paying players is that it diminishes the value of an education.” Students are attending universities for an education, which is worth much more than a direct cash deposit into ones bank

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