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Executive Summary

Colin's unemployment status has caused him to consider opening up his own business. His dilemma is deciding where to locate his business; either at Great Eastern Building downtown or Exploits Valley in the mall. Due to him being unemployed, Colin needs to begin earning an income to live. To do so he needs to improve his projected sales so that his net income would be sufficient to live on and to be able to pay back Ed's investment in the business.

The most feasible solution to Colin's situation is opening up the business downtown at the Great Eastern Building. This location produces a higher net income and a lower break even point than the mall. Although the net income starts out quite low, once the business is
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*Colin gets to set his own store hours; more time flexibility.

2. Open in Exploits Valley


*There is a limited size to the store.

*Rent is higher than Great Eastern.

*Colin can not set his own store hours.


*Colin gets a chance to be his own boss.

*Colin has a choice on how long his lease with the mall has to be.

*Forecasted sales are larger than Great Eastern.

3. Do not open up a business at all


*Colin must find employment and work for someone else.


*Ed gets to keep his retirement money.

*Colin can obtain an income immediately.

Recommended Solution/Action Plan

Action Plan

For Colin to start working, he must open up a business at the Great Eastern Building. Opening up a business in this location will not only provide Colin with work but it can also help him earn an income. This location not only provides the store with a lower rent than Exploits Valley; it also allows Colin to set his own store hours. This gives him the flexibility to work when he wants and needs to. Since Colin does not like working for others, this situation is ideal for him.

To make his business successful, Colin must consider an integration of price, promotion, place, and product. He must also try and distance themselves from their competition. To do so the brothers must maintain the quality of their merchandise and customer service, reasonable prices, and improve their promotion strategies. For one thing, the price of his products must be within a
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