Athletes With A Natural Sense For A Sport

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Many people see athletes with a natural sense for a sport without seeing their commitment as to their goal. Marion Jones, an athlete in track and field and basketball, has exemplified that commitment makes method. During her life, she has played and accelerated in everything she has done. Whether it’d be basketball or track and field, she is a phenomenal athlete with goals of her future. Marion Jones is an athlete with a perseverance and determination to achieve her fullest capability. Skip Downing, who has wrote about commitments making method in his book On Course, said for a person to fulfill a goal, they must have a commitment with no excuses and have a sincere will that will push them to get their goal. (_) Athletes have a strong…show more content…
By Jones keeping a constant routine with her training, it can immensely help her keeping herself in a consistent condition. In her interview with Thomas Hackett with New York Times, Jones said, she lays out her clothes for the preceding day. Jones strives to be better everyday as with consistent training, you can only get better. With running races, your body must be ready to go as the gunshot fires, therefore only training can get her body to go when it needs to. Secondly, Jones has a mindset of achieving what nobody has achieved. In order for her to fulfill her goal of winning five gold medal, she must do what nobody else does, to win. Whether it’d be a special stride she has, or a unique run she must do that, in order to win. Jones states in an article with Mark Starr, with NewsWeek, that she strongly believes that she is given a chance to achieve something nobody has ever accomplished and she is very confident within herself that she can do it. Downing states, …..(_). Jones stated in article with Thomas Hackett with New York Times that she aspires to be the fastest women throughout the whole world. Hackett stated that from her seriousness and a look of determination, He knew that she was capable of achieving that. Thirdly, Jones can’t achiever her goal if she doesn’t have a sense of competitiveness to racing. jones told Starr, with NewsWeek, that she has always had a competitive attitude when it comes to racing. Jones said that she would beat her brother and his
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