Athletes With A Natural Sense For A Sport

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Many people see athletes with a natural sense for a sport without seeing their commitment as to their goal. Marion Jones, an athlete in track and field and basketball, has exemplified that commitment makes method. During her life, she has played and accelerated in everything she has done. Whether it’d be basketball or track and field, she is a phenomenal athlete with goals of her future. Marion Jones is an athlete with a perseverance and determination to achieve her fullest capability. Skip Downing, who has wrote about commitments making method in his book On Course, said for a person to fulfill a goal, they must have a commitment with no excuses and have a sincere will that will push them to get their goal. (_) Athletes have a strong mindset and a goal for their future and as Downing has mentioned in his book, people, who truly want to fulfill a goal, train their brain to get through any obstacle to get their goal. (_) Jones, being the athlete she is has committed herself to a goal of winning five gold medals, and as we continue to explore her journey, we see she has several methods to commit herself to her goal.

First, Marion Jones has to train accordingly to meet her goal. As an athlete you have to keep a rigorous athletic training schedule to better themselves. Jones trains three to four hours every day, for six days a week. (_) Downing states in his book On Course, that ……(_). Jones training consists of two to three hours on the track and some time in the weight…
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