Athletes drafted into World War II

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The most decorated and costly war in American history was World War II. Everyone understands the atomic bomb, Hitler rise to power, but many people do not know some American history during the war. The history of our sport world, it changed how people viewed and watched it. During the war many people were drafted into the war to help fight, like the fittest and strongest of athletes. Since many players were disbanded from their major sports like Jackie Robison or Del Bork, it changed how people look at this era in sports.
Number 42 is the famous Jackie Robinson played in major league and broke the color barrier in baseball. Many people do not know but Robison served in the United State Army in 1942-1944. He played football with the
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(“ Wartime Baseball - Not That Bad") .Many people thought players were not good enough to play but players who made it to the big leagues during the war was talented enough to keep their place on the team after formal big leaguers returned. All the emphasis of baseball during war was negative because of how people perceived it. Everyone had an opportunity to play, one arms player, alcoholics, young, old, deaf players. They were less talented players who were brought up to fill out the rosters when the regulars were volunteered or were drafted. Many of the fills in players were faded out quickly when he ruler returned. When choking over our wartime players' list, we found that 45 played on one or more pennant winners, ten became major league managers, and 34 were selected to one or more All- Stars teams (“Wartime Baseball- Not That Bad"). Although many players were not as good as the regular many had help baseball out. Like base stealing was revived by George Case, George Sternness, and veteran Wally Moses; less dependence on the homerun. Eddie Stinky set a NL record with 148 walks in 1945. George Kill was a wartime player and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1983 for his batting average. Even though they were some talented players, they were some very less talented player. Danny Gabriella became very well known for being struck in the head by a baseball he was supposed to catch. Even know baseball
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