Athletic Biography of James Frances Thorpe Essay examples

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Athletic Biography of James Frances Thorpe

On the morning of May 28, 1888, one of the most versatile, and arguably the greatest of athletes was born in a one-room cabin made of cottonwood and hickory, on the Sac and Fox Indian Reservation located in Prague, Oklahoma. His name was Wa-tho-huck, which means "Bright Path" , in the Native American language spoken by the Sac and Fox Tribe. His father was Hiram P. Thorpe an Irish trapper, and his mother was No-ten-o-quah, and Indian member of the Thunder Clan of Chief Black Hawk, better known as Charlotte Thorpe. It was a customary tradition for Native Americans to name their children after something seen just before giving birth or even just after giving birth. Since the first thing
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Jim seemingly could not bear school, but what kept his hopes up was "prairie baseball." It was the same as regular baseball, except the games were played in a field that was the equivalent to a sand-lot of today. He also played basketball, and was interested in track, but there was no track team, so Jim had to run against friends in unofficial meets. As Jim once said, "Our lives were lived in the open, winter and summer. We were never in the house when we could be out of it, and we played hard. I emphasize this because the boys who would grow up to be strong men, must lay the foundation in a vigorous youth.

In May of 1896, Hiram decided to take Jim and Charlie hunting. They made plans for the trip and both boys grew very excited every day. However on the day of the trip, Charlie fell violently ill and was unable to go on the trip. Still enthused about the trip, Jim and Hiram set off and dedicated the trip to Charlie. That day on his first hunting trip Jim saw a deer. He aimed his rifle at the deer and as Hiram looked on, Jim shot the deer almost directly in the heart and dropped it where it stood. Jim was excited and couldn’t wait to get back and show Charlie what had happened, so a few days later they packed up and headed home. The day they returned home they received bad news; Charlie had been sent to the infirmary in

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