Essay about Athletic Scholarships; Pros and Cons

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College scholarships, the attraction of every devoted sports player out there. Earning scholarships brings players together not only to step up their game, but to be enthusiastic about exceeding their academic goals. Colleges put down an amount of money to attract top athletes from high schools all over their state. Athletic meaning all sports, like golf, fencing, and water polo. Tons of schools and families support the aid colleges grant in their athletic scholarship programs, while others are against it, saying that it has too few people who are accepted and that it takes away money that everyone else has to pay for their classes. They don’t realize that players will be encouraged to do great academically, so that they may do great…show more content…
Colleges hope to spend their free tuition money to add a supportive student/player to their community. This will take some of the kids who’ve grown up in the poorer cities, who are un-supported and un-financed, and grant them a better education than a simple community school can.
The smartest and the most skilled are not always the wealthiest, which bring colleges to bring kids who crave their academics, have a skill in sports, and could contribute to the cause of their school.(Kim Clark, Octobet 29, 2011. College Costs Climb, Yet Again;

Colleges can help you achieve the ultimate sports goal of getting into a professional league. For nearly all of the professional players in the NBA, NFL, MLB, FIFA, and PGA sports associations, they all started off as high school kids with a dream. Hardly any ever were wealthy to begin with, but plenty were offered scholarships. And them having the opportunity to play in a college was their best hope, which they put all their effort into their academics so they may hold onto their dream. One small-neighborhood high school kid with basketball skills may not have enough money to introduce himself to a college at all, but colleges purposely search for those kinds of kids. An example is due to Pau Gasol, player in the NBA on the LA Lakers; He was never even in the United States to begin with. He was granted a scholarship in a college here,
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