Athletic Trainer

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Kyle Kozik
Mr. Yarcusko
World Lit.
14 March 2017
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
Picture a football game where the running back is making incredible cuts in and out while charging down the field as the crowd roars. Just as he’s about to score a touchdown the athlete falls to the ground and grabs his ankle as the fans gasp. Unfortunately, with the intense competitiveness of all sports, it is a common experience. The demand for athletic trainers in 2017 is increasing significantly as participation in sports at all levels continues to grow. Certified athletic trainers are needed at many sporting events including little league baseball, high school football, and all kind of professional sports. Unfortunately, no matter someone's
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I want to be an athletic trainer because they are necessary to help athletes with their injuries by using learned medical knowledge, to help with the increasing need for injury prevention and help athletes in the challenge of protecting their health in all different settings.
A job as an athletic trainer is a well respected, one that requires a degree in the field of health. In order to become an athletic trainer, one also needs to be certified. According to an article about health and fitness training “You are only required to have a high school diploma to work as a fitness trainer but many employers prefer to hire college graduates who have majored in a fitness or health-related field” (McKay, Dawn Rosenberg). My decision would lead me to attend college and major in health. “Athletic trainers are highly educated and nationally certified, with an extensive background in pre-season and in-season conditioning and nutritional
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