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Cerebral concussions have become a serious and important topic for athletic trainers and other health-care professionals’ .Athletics has become very popular and diverse in our society. With athletics, come many serious injuries including cerebral concussions. A cerebral concussion is defined as a transient neurological dysfunction of the brain resulting from a biomechanical force.1 A concussion is a subset of a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) which is generally self-limited and at the less-severe end of the brain injury spectrum.2Sports-related concussions are occur frequently in contact and collision sports at all levels of play across a wide age range. Cerebral Concussions were once thought to be a nuisance injury, but it is now…show more content…
Etiology Concussions occur due to a biomechanical injury to the brain. Immediately following trauma, a neuro-metabolic cascade is triggered. Neuronal membranes are disrupted by the biomechanical force, causing a potassium efflux and sodium and calcium influx.4,5 Under normal conditions, the concentration of ions across cell membranes is highly regulated. The Potassium efflux causes depolarization, which results in a release of the excitatory amino acid glutamate, causing further potassium efflux4. The body tries to restore the normal balance of ions by activating energy-required pumps. The energy required pumps will increase the cellular demand for glucose. However, the increased energy demands cannot be met secondary to a decrease in the cerebral blood flow and oxygen supply4,5. The regulation of the cerebral flow is important as ischemia of the brain lasting longer than a few minutes can cause irreversible brain damage.6 cerebral blood flow decreases after mild traumatic brain injury and can remain decreased for an extended period of time. Next, cerebral blood flow to the brain is adjusted in order to meet the needs of the body. Auto-regulation is also impaired or lost following a mild traumatic brain injury, leaving
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